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Target Audience:

Consumers of the information (i.e. those that will be using the Engineering Dashboard)

  • CAST AI Administrators

  • Info

    Summary: This page provides instructions for configuring and using the Report Generation feature.


    CategoryEnabled by default?CAST Report Generator for Dashboards required?Additional configuration required?Output formatAvailable reports
    Standard Compliance Reports(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)Same format as the associated CAST Report Generator templates.

    Available reports include:

    The default list of reports can be customized.

    Miscellaneous Reports 


    Inline in the browser

    Can be downloaded in Excel format.

    Available reports include:

    Custom Reports 

    (error)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)Same format as the associated CAST Report Generator templates.This category enables you to define your own custom reports via CAST Report Generator templates.


    If the report fails to generate, a notification is also displayed with the error message. Please refer this page about error messages handling: Report Service.

    This example shows that CAST Report Generator for Dashboards has not been configured:


    Filter on Health Measure

    For some reports it is possible to filter results on a specific Health Measure. By default, the TQI measure will be active, but it is possible to choose a different measure if necessary:

    Note that not all reports can be filtered in this way.

    Download reports

    Report results can be downloaded in Excel format:

    Critical flag

    Indicates whether the related rule is critical or not:

    Click to drill down to violation's source code (not available in all reports).

    Click to drill down to the selected object and view it in the Application Investigation view.

    Custom Reports