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Only the CHNG DLI Call could change the value of destination code. The ISRT DLI Call will send the message to LTERM or IMS Transaction:

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IMS MFS Maps file

Support introduced in CAST AIP 8.3.25.

The Mainframe Analyzer will analyze the IMS MFS Maps file (*.mfs) so that it is possible to find out which Cobol programs use an MFS Map:

  • MFS Maps are contained in files with the extension *.mfs.
  • FMT macro defines the map (called "format" in IMS vocabulary).
  • MSG macro defines MID and MOD messages. MID are those that have the INPUT type and MOD are those that have the OUTPUT type.
  • MID and MOD identifiers are specified in the IO-PCB.
  • In the MID/MOD structure, there is a field that contains the name of the transaction. This information allows the analyzer to create links between MFS Maps and transactions

As a result:

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IMS Message Format Service

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IMS Message Input Descriptor

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IMS Message Output Descriptor