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CAST Complexity Metrics

The CAST Quality Model contains various metrics that are classed as "Complexity metrics", i.e. metrics that measure the complexity of artifacts in an application. This page contains a basic description of the mechanisms used to determine the complexity of a given artifact.

CAST Complexity Metrics

CAST provides data for the following "Complexity metrics":


Each Complexity metric takes into account different statements - these are listed below.


For all the metrics listed below, the program or sub-program entry point is counted as


1. As a consequence, all the metrics below will have a minimum value of


1 (even if the object contains no code). When the minimum value is assigned to an object, an INFO message is listed in the analysis log, for example:

Code Block
2021-09-22 09:03:15,587    INFO    MODULMSG ; Body    Missing cyclomatic complexity for <path_to_object). Assigned default value 1

Cyclomatic Complexity

To compute this metric, a counter is incremented by one each time one of the following statements is encountered: