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Summary: CAST provides an official PostgreSQL image for Docker which can be installed on a Linux or a Microsoft Windows operating system. This page explains how to install and run the image.The CAST AIP Docker


CAST provides a single Docker image for Microsoft Windows, ( available in Docker hub) that includes the CAST AIP Components listed below. It has been implemented to facilitate CAST AIP deployment in a Microsoft Windows environment. The image is deployed via the CAST AIP Docker Installer (an interactive batch script) in a unique container created by the installer and you can therefore install multiple CAST AIP containers in the Docker environment - for example to install multiple AIP Nodes on the same server within Docker.


Step 2 - download and


unpack CAST AIP Docker Installer

The installation files are available as an extension (CAST AIP Docker Installer) published by CAST - see Download the extension and unzip it to a working folder anywhere on the server - this will contain the following file:


Double click the start_docker_caip.bat file to start the installation. This will run in a CMD window and will require interaction to fill in the required configuration details.

Step 4 - Configure CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance

The installer requires the location of your CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance that will be used to host the schemas for any Applications analyzed with the AIP Node you are installing:


Enter the hostname/IP address and port number of the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance that this installation will use for the CAST schema "triplet" required for each Application managed on the AIP Node (Analysis, Dashboard, Management schemas). This CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance can either be installed on the local server or a remote server. 


hostname must not be localhost even if the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance is located on the same server as your Docker installation. Keep in mind that a Docker container is a standalone package of software, similar to a lightweight virtual machine. Thus, using localhost will be seen by the container as a server hosted within the container itself and not as the server on which Docker is installed.


Enter the credentials for the CAST Storage Service/PostrgreSQL instance. The default options are operator/CastAIP.