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AIP Console only supports one type of member and one banner prefix per PDS dump file. If there are several types of members and if several banner prefixes are used for the same type of members, they must be delivered through multiple PDS dump files. Each PDS dump file that is recognised by AIP Console will be extracted: one file (that the CAST Mainframe Analyzer can analyze) will be created per element in the PDS dump file and these files are then analyzed when an analysis is run.


Out of the box settings


Out of the box, AIP Console will have one PDS library extension predefined. This will ensure that AIP Console is able to recognise PDS dump files provided in the source code configured as follows:

  • with the extension .COPYX
  • Containing Cobol Copybooks
  • With the banner prefix VMEMBER NAME
  • With the left margin set to 1
  • with the line maxlength set to 80

You can leave this predefined PDS type as is, or you can delete/edit as necessary.