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CAST Imaging up and running(tick)Your designated CAST Imaging instance must  MUST be up and running in order to accept data from AIP Console when you attempt this since AIP Console will attempt to connect using the defined settings when the Save button is clicked. Only one CAST Imaging instance can be configured in AIP Console to accept data.
CAST Imaging user with the ADMIN role(tick)At least one CAST Imaging user must be configured with the CAST Imaging ADMIN role (see Admin Center - Role and access permission management) - this user should be specified in the AIP Console settings panel as explained below.
CAST Imaging license must be valid(tick)You must ensure that the license applied in CAST Imaging is valid.


Use the Save button to save the settings you have entered - AIP Console will check that the settings are correct at this point. If AIP Console can successfully access the CAST Imaging instance using the settings you have entered, a "success" message will be shown, otherwise a "failure" message will be shown in which you will need to check the settings you have entered:


Failure messages are recorded in the AIP Console front-end log file located in %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AipConsole\logs. For example the following suggests that the Imaging ETL Token is incorrect:

ERROR - 403 Forbidden: [{"error":"forbidden"}

When the settings are saved:


When the Publish to CAST Imaging option is ticked, the data export/import process will be performed during the analysis/snapshot as explained previously. This process generates a ZIP file set of files containing the data exported from the Analysis schema for your Application and this ZIP file is these are stored in the following location on the relevant AIP Node (i.e. the AIP Node that is responsible for the analysis/snapshot process for your Application)CAST Imaging instance:

Code Block

This ZIP file can be retained and manually imported into CAST Imaging if required. Alongside the ZIP file, the config.json file used to perform the export/import process is also retained: