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  • A bundle containing only default extensions is generally around 500MB
  • Bundle files will use the .extarchive file extension

Upload the bundle to CAST


local server

Via AIP Console

If you are using CAST Extend Proxy local server with AIP Console, the process of updating CAST Extend Proxy local server is handled automatically by AIP Console. Login to AIP Console with a user account that already has the Admin role and switch to the Admin Center:


Drag and drop your downloaded bundle in to the options screen, or click the button to choose the .extarchive file directly. The bundle will then be uploaded and added to CAST Extend Proxy local server automatically and all new extensions added to the bundle will be available immediately.

Via the CAST Extend


local server GUI

Starting v. ≥ 1.1.0, CAST Extend Proxy local server has its own GUI which you can use to upload the .extarchive file. See Manage CAST Extend local server via Administration Center for more information about this.