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Function Points
Quality and Sizing


AIP Core compatibility

This extension is compatible with:

CAST AIP Core release
8.3.x(tick)C# and VB.NET8.2.x(tick)C# and VB.NET

Supported DBMS servers

This extension is compatible with the following DBMS servers:

CAST AIP Core releaseCSS/PostgreSQL
All supported releases(tick)


Download and installation instructions

When using AIP CAST Console, the extension will be installed automatically when a .XAML file is encountered in the delivered source code. You should check before beginning the analysis (i.e. by performing an Advanced onboarding) that the correct extension release is being used. If If you need to change the release, use the Included interface in AIP Console:

Image Modified

There is nothing further to do. Follow the instructions below to run a new analysis/snapshot to generate new results:


CAST Transaction Configuration Center (TCC) Entry Points


No objects are generated by the extension. The extension will create links between XAML source files which are produced by .NET Analyzer and the .NET application source code.

xaml pages which are taken into account are those which are defines by following html tags:

  • Window
  • DockPanel
  • Page
  • Application
  • UserControl
  • base:ViewBase


  • relyon links to .NET classes


  • call links to .NET property set and property get
  • relyon refer links to the parent property of the getter and setter:

These links are created whenever a property is used inside a xml value between embraces, like in the following example:

Code Block
<TextBlock Name="label1" VerticalAlignment="Center" Width="100" Text="{Binding ElementName=lifeView1, Path=Generation }"/>