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Also known as Design Debt is the accumulated amount/cost of rework that will be necessary to correct and/or recover from the deviation between the current design of the system, versus that which is minimally complex yet sufficiently complete to ensure correctness & consistency for timely delivery. This effort grows more than linearly over time as a system becomes bigger and more complex.

Total Quality Index (Health Factor)

The Total Quality Index (TQI) measures the general maintainability level of the application.  CAST expresses the TQI Health Factor as an index from 1 to 4, with 4 indicating the highest level of maintainability. TQI differs slightly in comparison to other Health Factors - it is an average of ALL the available Technical Criteria linked to all Quality Rules provided by CAST (other Health Factors have specific contributing Technical Criteria and Quality Rules).

Total Checks

Number of components that have been checked for a specific Quality Rule.

Total Quality Index (TQI)

TQI is a Business Criteria Health Factor that aggregates measures from multiple Technical Criteria.

(CAST) Transaction Configuration Center



Alternative names: TCC


See Total Quality Index (Health Factor).

Transaction Risk Index (TRI)