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AEFP (Automated Enhancement Function Points)

Automated Enhancement Functional Points (AEFP) assess the changes made to the functional part of the application. AEFP reflects the changes made to both Transactional Functions and Data Functions. Therefore, AEFP is calculated by adding the AEFP value of all Transactional Functions and Data Functions in the application. The AEFP of each individual Transactional Function / Data Function is calculated by multiplying its FP value by its Complexity Factor (AEFP = FP x CF). The Complexity Factor of a certain Transactional Function / Data Function is an adjustment factor (defined by an OMG-specification) which is calculated based on its status (added / modified / deleted) and the complexity of the objects inside the Transactional Function / Data Function. The value reported for AEFP includes only added, modified and deleted Functions. All unchanged Functions are automatically excluded from this value (their Complexity Factor is considered as 0, and thus their AEFP value will also be 0). See also CAST OMG-compliant Automated Function Points and CAST Automated Enhancement Points Estimation - AEP.