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The Web Service Linker automatically creates cross-technology call links between client (front end) and server (back end) objects. For example, AngularJS front end connected to JEE/Spring MVC back end (click to enlarge):

CAST Imaging

The information generated by the extension is also used in CAST Imaging for the User Guide - Application to Application dependencies scope - see the section Where do the links come from?

How does it do it?

End-users do not need to interact or configure the Web Services Linker extension, all configuration is automatic.


HTTP GET Service

HTTP PUT Service




SOAP Service

The Web Service Linker searches for objects stored in the CAST Analysis Service schema whose type inherits from CAST_ResourceService or CAST_WebServiceLinker_Resource. These objects represent queries to web services on the client side. Then it searches for the web services on the server side: these are objects whose type inherits from CAST_WebService_Operation or CAST_WebServiceLinker_Operation.


Front-End/Service Exit PointBack-end/Service Entry Point
  • Web Technologies
    • HTML5/Javascript or TypeScript
      • Web Socket Service (WebSocket)
      • XMLHttpRequest Service (XMLHttpRequest)
      • Http Request Service (HttpRequest, Fetch, Axios, SuperAgent)
    • AngularJS
      • AngularJS Service ($resource)
      • Restangular Service (Restangular)
      • Http Service ($http)
    • Vue.js
      • Axios
      • Vue-resources
      • Fetch
    • jQuery
      • jQuery Service ($.ajax, $.get, $.getJSON)
      • SAPUI5 Service.
  • Mobile
    • iOS (Objective-C, Swift)
      • NSURLConnection, NSURLSession
      • AFNetworking
    • Android
      • HttpClient
      • HttpURLConnection
      • AsyncTask
  • .NET
    •  ASP.NET
      • SOAP Resource (SoapDocumentAttr, WebMethodAttr)
      • Razor HttpRequest
  • JEE
    • Java
      • URLConnection, HttpURLConnection 
    • Spring
      • Rest Template
      • Web Util
      • Social Support
      • Web Reactive
    • Apache
      • WebClient
      • HttpClient
      • Utils URIBuilder
      • Wink Resource
      • Wink RestClient
    • Other
      • Retrofit2
      • RestHub Client
      • Feign
  • Kotlin
    • Retrofit
  • Other
    • Python
      • Urllib, Urllib2, Urllib3
      • Httplib, Httplib2,
      • aiohttp, Flask
  • Node.js (with JavaScript or TypeScript)
    • Express Service (Express)
    • Http Service (Http)
    • Loopback
    • Hapi.js
    • Sails.js
    • Restify
    • AWS Lambda
  • JEE
    • JAX-RS
      • Client Builder
      • WebTarget
      • Invocation
      • Reasteasy
      • WebResource
    • SpringMVC (@Request/Put/Post/Get/Mapping)
  • .NET
    • WCF Operation (OperationMethod)
    • Web API
    • SOAP Operation (WebServiceAttribute)
  • Python
    • aiohttp, Flask


For the following technology see gRPC-java - 1.0:

  • gRPC

Direct Web Remoting - Function Call

The connection is made via two "root" objects:

Image Added

Call to a DWR service method

Image Added

A DWR service method

For more details about DWR technology see Direct Web Remoting.

Program Call

The connection is made via two "root" objects: