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Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in each specific release of the CAST SAP BusinessObjects Extractor, starting from release

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Compatible with CAST AIP 8.2.5 and above.

Resolved issues

Zendesk IdJira IdDescriptionImpact
SAPBOE-2713653Missing Business Objects : BO Classes are not getting analyzed

In previous releases of the extractor, SAP BusinessObjects classes were visible in the extraction results, but contained errors which meant that these classes were not resolved as objects when the analysis was run with the SAP BusinessObjects Analyzer. This bug has now been fixed, therefore after running this release of the extractor on unchanged source code and then subsequently analyzing that output with the SAP BusinessObjects Analyzer, results may be impacted: SAP BusinessObjects classes will now be correctly resolved.


  • Compatible with CAST AIP 8.2.5 and above.
  • Added command line opton -s [ --singleMode ], which makes the extractor open a separate session of the BO runtime for each universe. By default, all universes are extracted in a single session. This option can be useful, when extraction of a very large universe fails because of limits in the BO runtime. A small reduction in performance is to be expected when using this option.
  • Update on 22-Nov-2018: Known issue: This version does not extract BO classes, which in turn do not get analyzed.


  • Compatible with CAST AIP 8.2.5 and above.
  • Functionally speaking, this first version provides the same features as the extractor embedded in Business Objects Analyzer in AIP versions before 8.2.5.