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You can obtain the Report Generator for Dashboards from ExtendNG. Search for "report generator" and choose the Report Generator for Dashboards option CAST Extend:

A ZIP file will be downloaded. Extract the ZIP and deploy the files as described below in Installation process.


You can obtain the CAST Report Generator for Dashboards from the CAST Product Center - this requires a CAST login. Download the latest release, unpack the ZIP, and you will find another ZIP called alongside the traditional GUI based ReportGeneratorSetup.exe:


Report Generator releaseMinimum .NET CoreDownloadNotes
≥ SDK change to the SDK rather than the runtime to match the requirements for Report Generator GUI.
1.13.x3.0.x runtime releases of CAST Report Generator will require .NET Core 3.1.x due to the end-of-life of .NET Core 3.0.x scheduled for 3rd March 2020, therefore CAST recommends installing .NET Core 3.1.x to avoid the need to re-install .NET Core in the future.
1.9.0 - runtime

This runtime/SDK is available for both Microsoft Windows and for Linux operating systems depending on the Operating System used to host Apache Tomcat: