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Support of arrow functions and methods

Arrow functions which have been introduced in typescript following ES6 standard (also known as ES2015) are supported. Since arrow functions are equivalent to standard functions, the same function objects are created by the analyzer for both standard functions and arrow functions. Arrow functions can also define methods in which case method objects are created by the analyzer. Examples of arrow functions and methods are provided in the Objects section of this documentation.

Support of anonymous functions

For anonymous functions, the analyzer creates function objects named <Anonymous$i> where $i is incremented such that each anonymous function object has a unique fullname.

Web Services


The analysis of the following code will create a TypeScript GET http service named "foo/url" and a callLink between my_func function and that service :

function my_func(){

  var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "foo/url", false);



More about Angular framework analysis


  • Connectivity between components through Angular routing is not supported.
  • Use of String replace() method is not supported.
  • Use of setters and getters is not supported.
  • Passing directly url strings (or string variables referring to urls) as arguments to web-service calls is supported for many use cases. However passing them 
    them through http.RequestOptions (containing metadata) is work in progress.
  • String concatenations using the operator '+' inside loops does not raise violations currently.
  • The cyclomatic complexity number might appear underestimated in callables containing loops with complex conditional expressions.
  • A single production environment file is supported (see corresponding section above).
  • Use of bind method is not supported and would lead to missing callLinks.
  • Use of Object.freeze method is not supported.
  • React Without JSX is not supported.
  • ES6 destructuring is not supported