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  • If you need to analyze PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Db2, Sybase, Microsoft SQL ServerTeradata, Informixor CockroachDBCockroachDB or NonStop SQL
  • If you need to analyze Oracle for the first time or you want to transition to SQL Analyzer and you have not analyzed Oracle Forms / Reports.
  • If your application contains schemas from database vendors not supported "out of the box" by CAST AIP but, which are compliant with ANSI SQL-92 / 99
  • When you do not have access to the online database to perform an extraction for use with CAST AIP and have instead been provided with DDL scripts



IBM Db2 for LUW

Up to version 11.x


IBM Db2 for z/OS Up to version 12(tick)

IBM Db2 for i *)Up to version 7.4(tick)

IBM InformixUp to version 14.x(tick)

MariaDBUp to version 10.x(tick)

Microsoft SQL ServerUp to version 2019(tick)

MySQLUp to version 8.x(tick)

Oracle ServerUp to version 19c(tick)

PostgreSQLUp to version 1213.x(tick)

SAP ASE (formerly known as Sybase ASE)Up to version 16(tick)

SQLiteUp to version 3.x(tick)

TeradataUp to version 16(tick)

CockroachDB **)Up to version 21(tick)

NonStop SQL **)Up to version 3.x(tick)


You can find a full list of rules delivered with this extension here: