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Transaction updates to Base_Mainframe.TCCSetup

  • IMS Transactions are now automatically considered part of "Standard Entry Point - IMS - Unknown (GS)"
  • CICS Transactions called from Java methods and Java constructors are no longer considered part of "Standard End Point - CICS - Transactions called by Java (GS)"
  • An error has been fixed where the opposite was true in previous releases:
    • IMS FilePrototype objects are now considered part of "Standard End Point - IMS - GSAM - Not delivered"
    • IMS AnalyzedFileobjects are now considered part of "Standard Data Entity - GSAM"

In previous releases of AIP, unresolved queue names lead to the creation of Publisher/Subscriber objects with the  same name Unresovled:MQP2P. As a result, many false links are created skewing results. In CAST AIP 8.3.26, the name of the unresolved object has been changed from Unresolved:MQP2P to UnknownMQ:<COBOL_Parent_PROGRAM> - this identifies the Cobol program name publishing/subscribing to the message and will reduce the number of false links.