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Files to AnalyzeThis section displays a list of the file extensions for both web server and client, that are included in the current file filter for your source code analysis. Only files that match these file extensions will be included in the analysis.
Default ScriptingThese options enable you to select the Default Scripting Language for your client-side and server-side files. Use the drop down list box to choose between:
  • VBScript
  • JavaScript

It is possible to identify the default client scripting language by finding a ASP or HTML file with a SCRIPT tag that does not have a language definition (do a search for "<SCRIPT>") and examine the language to determine if it is JavaScript or VBScript.

For an application that mixes both languages, you will need to find a file with <SCRIPT> tags that DO NOT have a language specified and <SCRIPT> tags that DO have a language specified. You then need to select the language NOT specified in the <SCRIPT> tag as the default language.

DependenciesDependencies are configured at Application level for each technology and are configured between individual Analysis Units/groups of Analysis Units (dependencies between technologies are not available as is the case in the CAST Management Studio). You can find out more detailed information about how to ensure dependencies are set up correctly, in Advanced onboarding - review analysis configuration and execution for AIP Console.
Analysis Units

Lists all Analysis Units created. You can configure the same technology settings at Analysis Unit level if required - click the Analysis Unit to view it's technology settings (by default they match the default settings application wide technology settings):

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Analyze a specific Analysis Unit on its own, specifically for testing purposes.

Disable or enable the analysis of a specific Analysis Unit, when the next Application level analysis/snapshot is run. By default all Analysis Units are always set to enableWhen an Analysis Unit is set to disable, this is usually a temporary action to prevent an Analysis Unit from being analyzed.