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Installing a new release - CAST does not support the upgrade of CAST Architecture Checker from any previous release. Therefore, CAST recommends uninstalling the previous release of CAST Architecture Checker and then installing the new release from scratch.


Architecture Library improvements

It is now possible to add existing Layers and Sets in Architecture Models and Quality Rule Models to the Architecture Library for re-use in other models (in 1.2.0 the Architecture Library was introduced with no ability to add Layers/Sets to it). When a Layer or Set is added to the Library, it will appear as a Custom Layer or a Custom Set:

Image Added

Layers and Sets can be added to the Library by right clicking the header bar and selecting Save to Library:

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The Custom items can be re-used in models or removed from the Library:

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Cosmetic updates to the GUI

All icons have been updated in the GUI:

Click to enlarge

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New icons are also added for metamodel object types:

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New Architecture Library