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Now move to the Settings panel and expand the Extend Offline options (if you do not see this option, AIP Console is not configured to use an on premises CAST Extend Service): CAST Extend option:

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Drag and drop your downloaded package in to the options screen, or click the button to choose the .extarchive file directly. The package will then be uploaded and added to the CAST Extend Service automatically and all new extensions added to the package will be available immediately.


curl option -FThis causes curl to POST data using the Content-Type multipart/form-data. See
<path_to_file.extarchive>The path to the .extarchive package file.

Form part of the URL to your on premises CAST Extend Service. For example:

  • <server>: the local server on which CAST Extend Service is installed.
  • <port>: the port number which CAST Extend Service runs on. This is determined during the installation (default port number is set to 8085).