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The method of creation of the Measurement schema (see Complete start-up wizard) has been changed - CAST Server Manager will no longer install this "on the fly" in CLI mode, instead a standalone package will now be responsible for this and will restore a schema dump. This will improve performance and paves the way for future AIP Console improvements.


It is now possible to run the AIP Console installer in unattended mode using predefined settings stored in a specific file. See the following documentation for more information:

WEBI-6674 - Allow source code delivery wizard to be changed in rescan mode


When delivering code

When delivering a new source code version in the Manage Exclusions step of the wizard, see: Standard onboarding - add a new Version - deliver code - generate snapshot or Advanced onboarding - add a new version and deliver source code:

When editing an existing version

When editing an existing version in the Version Management screen in Application - Versions:


  • Multiple links can now be added in caller and callee blocks if the Application's CAST AIP release ≥ 8.3.17
  • The ASSESS option in the dropdown Default FP value for empty transactional functions (see Application - Function Points), is available if the Application's CAST AIP release ≥ 8.3.17


The AIP Console embeds the following release of the CAST Health and Engineering Dashboards (see Configure Install CAST Dashboards - new customers for more information):