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Table of Contents

Target audience:

Users of the extension providing Apache Struts support for the JEE Analyzer.


Summary: This document provides basic information about the extension providing Apache Struts support for the JEE Analyzer.

What's new?

Please see Apache Struts - 1.3 - Release Notes for more information.


This extension provides support for Apache Struts - this support is in addition to the basic support provided for Apache Struts in the JEE Analyzer. The extension's main role is to improve the detection of links and transaction computations where Apache Struts is implicated.


Note that:

  • At the current time, analysis results will contain duplicated objects: the Struts Operation object (created by the extension) corresponds to the Struts Action Mapping Operation object created by the JEE Analyzer - this duplication will be fixed in a future release.
  • All Transaction results involving Apache Struts code are generated using the Struts Operation object (created by the extension) and not the Struts Action Mapping Operation object created by the JEE Analyzer.

In what situation should you install this extension?


  • Creates Struts Operations which represent entry-points for web services. For each operation, one Struts Operation object is created.
  • The dependent Web Services Linker is responsible for detecting and creating links between the UI (JSP/HTML etc) to the Struts Operation object created by the extension.


Client frameworkSupported

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support


Some CAST extensions require the presence of other CAST extensions in order to function correctly. The Apache Struts extension requires that the following other CAST extensions are also installed: