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Summary: It is possible to install multiple instances of the CAST dashboards on one unique application server should you require. Note:

  • This section assumes you are using an Apache Tomcat application server. Please also note that the documentation provided in this chapter is provided by CAST with no guarantees. It is not intended to replace any official Apache Tomcat documentation.
  • Please make sure that multiple portals on the same application server are from the same version of the CAST Dashboard Package - it is not recommended to mix CAST dashboards from different versions of the CAST Dashboard Package.


This documentation is not valid for CAST Dashboard ≥ 2.x where you are using ZIP file deployment.

Number of dashboards per Tomcat instance

Tests have shown that it is possible to host up to 10 CAST dashboards on the same instance of Apache Tomcat, provided Apache Tomcat is run under a 64-bit JVM (JRE 7 64-bit (update 9 at least)) and on a supported 64-bit version of Windows.