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Summary: Instructions for configuring your standalone Health Dashboard to allow export of a detailed breakdown of the AEP/EFP automated function point (AFP) data to Excel/CSV. Note that this configuration change is ONLY applicable when using the standalone Health war file (see Standalone Health Dashboard deployment) - when using the combined Health/Engineering war file, the export to Microsoft Excel/CSV icons are visible out of the box.


The export to Microsoft Excel/CSV icons (as shown below) are NOT active (they are greyed out) by default in an "out of the box" Health Dashboard setup when using the standalone Health war file (see Standalone Health Dashboard deployment). This is because the information resides in the Dashboard schema (central) and not the Measure schema used by the Health Dashboard. In a combined Health and Engineering Dashboard, the dashboard schema is referenced in the connection property files for the dashboard, so the Health Dashboard already knows where the information is located. To enable these export icons in a standalone Health war file, a configuration change must be made to the Health Dashboard to inform the dashboard where the information is located. This page explains how to make this change.

Options greyed out:

AEP mode (default)

EFP /AFPmode (legacy)

Activating the export icons