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Summary: This page provides instructions for exporting data from the Engineering Dashboard.


When you click this icon, depending on your browser you will be prompted whether you would like to Save or Open the Excel file. The Excel file will contain the data you requested in column format:


Notes about the exported Excel file data


  • Some information such as rule criticality or weight are not available in the exported data.

  • Variation between snapshots as a percentage is not provided, but scores/grades for both current and previous snapshot are provided.

  • Where a cell is blank this typically means that either the data is common to all modules (blank Module Name cell) or there are multiple Technologies (blank Technology cell).

  • Results are calculated by AIP at four levels and the Excel spreadsheet will display the results at each of these levels (see the four levels below). As such, when there is a single technology and a single module in the application (i.e. a full content module), depending on how the analysis is defined, the results will be identical for all the four levels (see screenshot below):

    • Application level

    • Application/Technology level

    • Module level

    • Module/Technology level

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Violation level export - Associated Value data