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Summary: This page provides instructions for using the Application Investigation view in the Engineering Dashboard.


  • list of objects that are violating the selected Rule, listed in alphabetical order
  • a section containing documentation about the selected Rule

  • Please see Violation table from the Risk Investigation view for an an explanation of the column headings Plan, Object Name Location, Risk and Status.
  • In ≥ 2.9, when there are many violations, search button Image Added helps to search for a specific violation (based on the object name location field). 

 Image Added

  • Note that when there are many violations to display, a "Show More" button will be available. By default, only 10 violations are displayed to improve performance. You can choose to display more using the various options (+10, +100 etc.). By default an upper maximum of 5000 violations is set when the "All" option is clicked. You can change the upper maximum if required (see the violationsCount option in Engineering Dashboard json configuration options).