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In this example, when the TRANSACT macro is created as code, the Mainframe Analyzer will create an IMS transaction object with the code name, then link it to the Cobol program named as PSB = XXX inside the APPLCTN macro.

MFS files are not supported in the Mainframe Analyzer.

IMS Transaction Flow

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The Mainframe Analyzer will analyze the IMS MFS Maps file (*.mfs) so that it is possible to find out which Cobol programs use an MFS Map:

  • MFS Maps are contained in files with the extension *.mfs.
  • FMT macro defines the map (called "format" in IMS vocabulary).
  • MSG macro defines MID and MOD messages. MID are those that have the INPUT type and MOD are those that have the OUTPUT type.
  • MID and MOD identifiers are specified in the IO-PCB.
  • In the MID/MOD structure, there is a field that contains the name of the transaction. This information allows the analyzer to create links between MFS Maps and transactions

As a result:

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IMS Message Format Service

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IMS Message Input Descriptor

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IMS Message Output Descriptor