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1Name of the Layer or Set. Use the edit icon to update the name of the layer/set.

Add New Selection Criteria button - used to add a new selection block. A Layer or Set can contain multiple selection criteria blocks, these will be added using an OR condition:


Type/description of the selection criteria block:

  • All Objects Matching the criteria in the block
  • All Objects Matching the criteria in the block AND Sub Objects
  • All Objects Matching the criteria in the block AND External Objects
  • All Objects Matching the criteria in the block AND Sub Objects AND External Objects

This option will compare the block content against the results of the most recent snapshot and will display the number of objects matched by the block in the upper right corner of the item:

In addition the list of objects matched by the layer/set will also be displayed:

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If the item is configured to include sub-objects or external objects:

The results window will indicate that the list of objects may contain these type of objects:


This option is not available if the Application context is set to Global:


Defines the criteria for the selection block:

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Note that for the
  • The Count of option is only available for Quality Rule modelsThis criterion is based on the count of objects retrieved in another set.
  • For the Property - Identification option, various types can be selected

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  • Assessment Model Scope refers to specific groupings of objects (scopes) used by Quality Rules. These are only available when working with a Quality Rule model. If you use one, you must ensure that this scope exists in the chosen context for your model otherwise publish will fail.

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Edit an existing selection block (change the selection criteria). By default, the block will be added without either option selected, i.e. "All Objects Matching". If you need to match on sub-objects (children of matched objects) or objects that are considered external to analysis scope (thid-party libraries etc.), select the appropriate option:

Including external objects is useful for example if, when a selection criterion matches a Spring bean class for example, this class will be included in the Layer/Set regardless of whether it belongs to the Application or comes from an external JAR.

7Removes an existing selection block entirely.
8Edit the content of an existing content selection block (change matching criteria)<
9Removes an existing content selection block entirely.
10Multiple criteria in a single selection block, linked using an AND condition.
11Multiple selection blocks in a single Layer or Set, linked using an OR condition.