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  • Architecture Models (default selection) > to manage models that check for violations of architecture
  • Quality Rule Models > to manage models that can be exported as installable extensions to contain custom rules
  • Library Components >  a means to manage frequently used Layers and Sets than can be inserted (with their definition) into Architecture Models or Templates, so that you do not need to define the same Sets and Layers again and again
Note that when running AIP Console in CAST Imaging mode (i.e. using the dedicated AIP Core for CAST Imaging) the Quality Rule Models tab is not available.

Section 2



This option enables you to create a brand new Model/Library Component using the interface available in AIP Console. Choose the configuration settings for the new model, then click OK to start the editing process - see AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Model editor for more information:

Authorized / Forbidden

Only applicable when creating an Architecture Model.

Choose the type of model you would like to create:

  • a model defining Authorized links between layers - i.e. links between objects that are authorized
  • a model defining Forbidden links between layers - i.e. links between objects that are forbidden

Authorized model type

  • When two layers have no links between them in the model and in reality there are links, then a violation will be reported.
  • If a link between two layers is created in the model, then no violations will ever be raised regardless of whether in reality links exist or not.

Forbidden model type

  • When two layers have no link between them in the model, whatever the reality is, no violations will be reported.
  • Violations will be reported only when a link between two layers is created in the model and in reality the link exists.

NameEnter a name for the model/Library Component.


Note that you can also create a model using a Product or user-defined template as a starting point. Use the following icon in the Templates section. See also Create an Architecture Model from a template


See AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Existing Models or AIP Console - Architecture Studio - Library Components:

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