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Note that these changes mean that the following Dashboards and RestAPI deployments must be used with CAST AIP 8.3.16 schemas:

  • Version ≥ 1.11.2 of standalone dashboard WARs
  • Version ≥ 1.12.0 of AIPCONSOLE for embedded dashboards
  • The dashboard WARS delivered with CAST AIP (in the WARS folder). Note that these dashboards are set to version 1.5 and do not contain any enhancement introduced in more recent standalone dashboard package WARS.

Data (links with IDs from 11000 to 11006) related to CAST Transaction Configuration Center data functions and transactions that was previously stored in these two tables will now be stored in a new table called FP_LINK_INFO. This table now contains all object details of transactions/data functions. It has exactly the same structure as DSS_LINK_INFO: