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Summary: This page explains how to configure the Quality Standards Mapping extension for the CAST dashboards and CAST Report Generator.


Please note that releases 20201106.0.0-funcrel (6 November 2020) to 20210118.0.0-funcrel (18 January 2021) contain an issue: some tag to rule associations will be duplicated during the installation process if a previous release of the extension has already been installed for the given application. This issue will lead to an incorrect number of violations calculated for a tag that is duplicated.

To correct this issue, ensure that  20210119.0.0-funcrel (19 January 2021) is installed and a new analysis/snapshot generated.

If results of an analysis using one of the releases containing the issue have been published in the Health Dashboard, a script is available to remove the duplicated results. Please contact CAST Support for more information.

Extension ID



See Health Dashboard tile management - specifically the section Custom Tiles.

CAST Engineering / Security Dashboard

See Engineering Dashboard tile management - specifically the section Custom Tiles.

Step 3 - Upload snapshot to Measurement schema