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This version of the extension provides partial support for:

UNIX shellSupported
BeanShell (bsh)(tick)
Bourne shell (bsh/sh/shell)(tick)(tick)
Bourne-Again Shell (bash)(tick)(tick)
C shell (csh)(tick)(tick)
KornShell (ksh)(tick)(tick)
Secure Shell (ssh)(tick)(tick)
Tenex C Shell (tcsh)(tick)

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support


Function Points
Quality and Sizing(tick)(tick)

CAST AIP compatibility

This extension is compatible with:

CAST AIP release

Extension release



≥ 1.0.1(tick)(tick)
8.2.x≥ 1.0.1(tick)(tick)
8.1.x≥ 1.0.1(tick)(tick)
8.0.x≥ 1.0.1(tick)(tick)

Supported DBMS servers

This extension is compatible with the following DBMS servers:

Microsoft SQL Server(error)(error)


(tick)(tick)An installation of any compatible release of CAST AIP (see table above)
  • The extension requires a Java JRE to be installed on the machine: only Java JRE 1.7 is currently supported.
  • The extension requires that a JAVA_HOME system environment variable is also present on the machine, pointing to the Java JRE installation folder:


Note that these prerequisites are only applicable if you are using version 1.0.5 of the Shell extension AND CAST AIP ≤ 8.2.0

Therefore, if you are using CAST AIP ≥ 8.2.1, you don't need to set a JAVA_HOME. The Shell extension will use the JRE provided with CAST AIP and located in the installation folder.


A discoverer is provided together with the extension to automatically detect Shell code. When any file with an extension listed in Source code preparation is discovered, the parent folder of this file will be designated as the project root path. One Analysis Unit is created for each Shell Project discovered.