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Application - Config - ModulesModules configuration, more automatic options and manual configuration now possible.
Technology support

Mainframe Analyzer analysis options are now available. 

Extension management

User is now notified about new versions of extensions deployed for a given application. 

Rediscover when Rescan
  • If new technologies are discovered during a rescan, new extensions/DMT plugins will be installed,  additional packages will be created automatically
  • Rescan option (same configuration as the previous version) is automatically checked when there is at least one version delivered for the application
Alert folder structure inconsistency when rescan If the folder structure of the new version ZIP doesn't correspond to the structure provided in the previous version ZIP, an alert will popup listing missing folders/files.
No more DMT download optionThis option is not anymore viable in the product. ZIP file mode is the only way to deliver source code via the AIP Console.
Setup improvement Added validation for CAST Extend username/password and AIP license.
Include of DMT Alerts in reportsDMT alerts are available in the version report.
Update CAST Extend Service (offline) from ConsoleAdmin is able to update the CAST Extend Service directly from the Admin Center in AIP Console. The CAST Extend Service (offline) must be active to see the update option in AIP Console.
Architecture Checker
  • Library Elements: Export sets / Layers into the Library from a Model. Insert predefined Sets and Layers from the Library into a model under Editor. List of Library Elements , View and Removal of each element. 
  • Templates: Import / download templates. Create a user defined template from an existing Model. Create Model based on a template.