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Data (links with IDs from 11000 to 11000611006related to CAST Transaction Configuration Center datafunctions and transactions that was previously stored in these two tables will now be stored in a new table called FP_LINK_INFO. This table now contains all object details of transactions/datafunctionsdata functions. It has exactly the same structure as DSS_LINK_INFO:

SNAPSHOT_IDthe snapshot id
PREVIOUS_OBJECT_IDdatafunction or transaction
LINK_TYPE_IDbetween 11000 and 11006
NEXT_OBJECT_IDdetail object of a transaction/datafunction

Impact on Analysis Services schema

Details of transactions and data functions are now sent to a new table called DSS_FPLINKS 


(previously DSS_LINKS was used).

Transfer from Analysis to Dashboard Service schema

The links


in DSS_


FPLINKS in the Analysis Service schema are sent to


the Dashboard Service schema via a new table called DSS_IN_FPLINKS


(previously DSS_IN_LINKS




was used).

Impact on Dashboard Services schema

The data related to details of transactions and data


functions are now stored in a new table called FP_LINK_INFO 


(previously DSS_LINK_INFO was used).



Upgrade and impact

This change is handled by the CAST upgrade process and does not require any manual steps. All occurences of link_type_id between 11000 and 11006 will be:

  • Moved from DSS_LINK_INFO to FP_LINK_INFO
  • Removed from both DSS_LINK_INFO and DSS_LINKS

If you have custom scripts that fetch data from any of the existing tables, please ensure that you update these scripts yourself.