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Dynamic Links rule files now function with SAP BusinessObjects and SAP PowerBuilder analysis results.

Changes to the structure of the Dashboard


and Analysis Services schemas

Some changes have been made to the structure of the Dashboard and Analysis Service schema schemas to reduce the potential size of the Dashboard Service schema tables DSS_LINKS and DSS_LINK_INFO. In CAST AIP ≥ 8.3.16:

Data (links with IDs from 11000 to 110006) related to CAST Transaction Configuration Center datafunctions and transactions that was previously stored in these two tables will now be stored in a new table called FP_LINK_INFO. This table now contains all object details of transactions/datafunctions. It has exactly the same structure as DSS_LINK_INFO:

SNAPSHOT_IDthe snapshot id
PREVIOUS_OBJECT_IDdatafunction or transaction
LINK_TYPE_IDbetween 11000 and 11006
NEXT_OBJECT_IDdetail object of a transaction/datafunction

Impact on Analysis Services schema

Details of transactions and data functions are now sent to a new table called DSS_FPLINKS instead of previously DSS_LINKS.

Transfer from Analysis to Dashboard Service schema

The links from local database from DSS_FPLINKS are sent to central Database via DSS_IN_FPLINKS instead of previously DSS_IN_LINKS


finally the information related to details of transactions and data function are stored in FP_LINK_INFO instead of previously DSS_LINK_INFO.


when migrating to this version, all occurrence of link_type_id between 11000 and 11006 will be

  • Moved from DSS_LINK_INFO to FP_LINK_INFO
  • Removed from both DSS_LINK_INFO and DSS_LINKS