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Summary: CAST AIP 8.3.16 introduces a number of features and changes as listed below. To view the impacts of these changes on analysis results, see: Changes in results post upgrade.

Supported Platforms - storage

Support of PostgreSQL  10 for storage

Support has been introduced (note that support is "supported by reference") for PostgreSQL v ≥ 10 introduced for PostgreSQL 10 and 11 (64bit) as storage, i.e. AIP schemas can now be created on these versions and analyses will run as expected. Some prerequisites do apply:


JEE Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.jee1.0.19The required versions of these extensions are those that are delivered as "shipped extensions" in AIP 8.3.16.
.NET Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.dotnet1.0.13
SAP BusinessObjects Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.businessobject1.0.4 (LTS)
C and Cpp Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.cpp2.0.5-funcrel-
iOS - Objective-C Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.cfamily1.5.2-funcrel-


Support levels are as follows:

Mainframe Analyzer - support for IBM MQSeries


  • Avoid Artifacts with High Depth of Nested Subqueries (7130)
  • Avoid using BREAK or BREAK-POINT statement (7524)
  • Never use the ON CHANGE OF statement (7528)
  • Avoid "SELECT *" or "SELECT SINGLE *" queries (7530)
  • Avoid nested SELECT ... ENDSELECT statements (7532)
  • Avoid using AT events in combination of LOOP AT .... WHERE constructs (7536)
  • Avoid using SELECT ... ENDSELECT statement (7544)
  • Avoid using "ORDER BY" in SELECTS (7592)
  • Avoid using "SELECT DISTINCT", use DELETE-ADJACENT (7594)
  • Avoid using SELECT ... ENDSELECT statement on XXL tables (7666) 
  • Avoid using EXIT statement in Include (7672)
  • Avoid empty catch blocks (7788)
  • Avoid Artifacts with Group By (7806)
  • Avoid Artifacts with SQL statement including subqueries (7808)
  • Avoid Artifacts with a Complex SELECT Clause (7810)
  • Never use SQL queries with a cartesian product (7820)
  • Avoid Artifacts with queries on more than 4 Tables (7822)
  • Avoid using Native SQL (7882)
  • Avoid SQL queries that no index can support (7902)

.NET rules

The following multi-techno rules have been disabled in 8.3.16 specifically and only for .NET technology and will no longer be triggered during an analysis. These rules often generated a large amount of false positive violations:

Dynamic Links rule files

Dynamic Links rule files now function with SAP BusinessObjects and SAP PowerBuilder analysis results.