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Summary: CAST AIP 8.3.16 introduces a number of features and changes as listed below. To view the impacts of these changes on analysis results, see: Changes in results post upgrade.

Supported Platforms - storage

Support of PostgreSQL  10 for storage

Support has been introduced for PostgreSQL 10 and 11 (64bit) as storage, i.e. AIP schemas can now be created on these versions and analyses will run as expected. Some prerequisites do apply:

  • Minimum required release of CAST AIP core: 8.3.16
  • Minimum required version of specific extensions:
JEE Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.jee1.0.19The required versions of these extensions are those that are delivered as "shipped extensions" in AIP 8.3.16.
.NET Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.dotnet1.0.13
SAP BusinessObjects Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.businessobject1.0.4 (LTS)
C and Cpp Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.cpp2.0.5-funcrel-
iOS - Objective-C Analyzer extensioncom.castsoftware.cfamily1.5.2-funcrel-


Support levels are as follows:

Mainframe Analyzer - support for IBM MQSeries


  • Avoid Artifacts with High Depth of Nested Subqueries (7130)
  • Avoid using BREAK or BREAK-POINT statement (7524)
  • Never use the ON CHANGE OF statement (7528)
  • Avoid "SELECT *" or "SELECT SINGLE *" queries (7530)
  • Avoid nested SELECT ... ENDSELECT statements (7532)
  • Avoid using AT events in combination of LOOP AT .... WHERE constructs (7536)
  • Avoid using SELECT ... ENDSELECT statement (7544)
  • Avoid using "ORDER BY" in SELECTS (7592)
  • Avoid using "SELECT DISTINCT", use DELETE-ADJACENT (7594)
  • Avoid using SELECT ... ENDSELECT statement on XXL tables (7666) 
  • Avoid using EXIT statement in Include (7672)
  • Avoid empty catch blocks (7788)
  • Avoid Artifacts with Group By (7806)
  • Avoid Artifacts with SQL statement including subqueries (7808)
  • Avoid Artifacts with a Complex SELECT Clause (7810)
  • Never use SQL queries with a cartesian product (7820)
  • Avoid Artifacts with queries on more than 4 Tables (7822)
  • Avoid using Native SQL (7882)
  • Avoid SQL queries that no index can support (7902)

.NET rules

The following multi-techno rules have been disabled in 8.3.16 specifically and only for .NET technology and will no longer be triggered during an analysis. These rules often generated a large amount of false positive violations:

Dynamic Links rule files

Dynamic Links rule files now function with SAP BusinessObjects and SAP PowerBuilder analysis results.