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Summary: information to help you plan your CAST AIP for Dashboards installation.

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AIPCONSOLE:Deployment requirements
AIPCONSOLE:Deployment requirements


CAST RESTAPI requirements (for embedded dashboards)


AIP Console ≥ 1.25

A bootable ZIP called is provided in the installation media .ZIP file (alongside the .JAR installer for the AIP Console) and is partly pre-configured for use with AIP Console. This does not require a web application server such as Apache Tomcat. A minimum release of 2.0.1 is required.

AIP Console ≤ 1.24

The CAST-RESTAPI-integrated.war is provided in the installation media .ZIP file (alongside the .JAR installer for the AIP Console) and is partly pre-configured for use with AIP Console. This requires a web application server (Apache Tomcat). A minimum release of 1.9.0 is required.

(tick)Application Server

Only required when using AIP Console ≤ 1.24

The CAST RESTAPI requires a host web application server. The following are supported for use with any release of the CAST RESTAPI:

  • Apache Tomcat 7.0.x 64-bit (where x ≥ 20)
  • Apache Tomcat 8.0.x 64-bit
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5.x 64-bit
  • Apache Tomcat 9.0.x 64-bit (cannot be used with the CAST-RESTAPI-integrated.war delivered in AIP Console ≤ 1.15)
(tick)Host Operating SystemThe CAST RESTAPI can be hosted on both Windows and Linux host Operating Systems.
(tick)JDK / JRE

A JDK / JRE must be installed on the target server for the host web application server or for the CAST RESTAPI:

AIP Console ≥ 1.25

  • Java JRE 8 is required.

AIP Console ≤ 1.24

  • Apache Tomcat 7 is designed to run on Java JRE 6 and later
  • Apache Tomcat 8 and 8.5 are designed to run on Java JRE 7 and later

Note that if you have multiple JDK versions installed on a Linux server, you can set the default using the following command:

Code Block
sudo update-alternatives --config java

(tick)Access to CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQLThe CAST RESTAPI requires network access to all the CAST Storage Services/PostgreSQL instances used to host the schemas required for the functioning of AIP Console, including the Measurement schema.
(tick)Access from the AIP ConsoleThe AIP Console package requires network access to the CAST RESTAPI.
(tick)CAST Dashboard Service schema license keyAccess to data in the CAST Dashboard Service schema (for use with the CAST Engineering Dashboard) is governed by a license key - see Dashboard Service license key configuration. You must have a valid license key in your possession before you begin. An UNRESTRICTED license is required.

CAST Extend Offline/Proxy (optional) requirements


CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL storage


Supported features of Directory Service systems

The following section lists the features of Enterprise Directories (such as Active Directory) that are supported by the CAST AIP Console/Dashboards:




Directory Services

  • Microsoft Active Directory is full supported.
  • Other Directory Services are supported in AIP Console, CAST Health and CAST Engineering Dashboards but will generally require additional configuration.

Microsoft Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services


Microsoft AD LDS does not have all the information in the server itself, but may provide a pointer to another server where that information is stored. Depending on what is stored, authentication and authorization may fail if pointing to a AD LDS server and not enough information is present. If this occurs, the configuration should be modified to point to a full Microsoft Active Directory server.

Global Catalog Servers (GCS)(tick)

Sometimes required if an Active Directory or other Directory Services server contains multiple domains or domains and sub-domains. as the Global Catalog Server contains LDAP information for all domains. In this case the LDAP URL should point to the GCS server URL (normally same as LDAP URL with port 3268 for LDAP and 3269 for LDAPS)


  • If the proxy has no authentication configured, then they are supported.
  • No support for any Single Sign On (SSO) proxies.


PartiallyIf a referral is used, the machine name needs to be able to be resolved the Doman Name Service (DNS) process. This may require that DNS or a local hosts file is modified to ensure that it occurs.

SSO (Single Sign On)


Supported for AIP Console/Health/Engineering Dashboards/RestAPI via SAML

Note that SAML is not supported for connections to the dashboard RestAPI made via CAST Report Generator.

Nested Groups(tick)-