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Web API 2(tick)
ASP.NET Core Web API(tick)
ASHX / ASMX (see below)(tick)

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support


Function Points
Quality and Sizing


AIP Core compatibility

This extension is compatible with:




Microsoft SQL Server



(tick)An installation of any compatible release of CAST AIP COre (see table above)

Download and installation instructions

A specific version of the ASP.NET Web API Framework extension is shipped with AIP Core. However, this release may not be the release you want to use, therefore you should check before beginning the analysis (i.e. by performing an Advanced onboarding) that the correct extension release is being used. You can see the list of shipped extensions for each release of AIP Core here: Technology coverage changes in CAST AIP 8.3.x.

If you need to change the release use the Included interface in AIP Console:

There is nothing further to do. Follow the instructions below to run a new analysis/snapshot to generate new results:


CAST Transaction Configuration Center (TCC) configuration