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A notification appears to confirm that the analysis is complete and successful.

Validate the analysis results

After the analysis is complete, you can check and validate it. It is time now to see what happened and to validate the scan. AIP Console provides various ways to validate the results.


Details > Overview section provides you an overview of the application after it is processed by AIP Console. 

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Overview of Analysis shows:

  • The number of versions of source code that are delivered and processed
  • The technologies that are detected from the source code automatically apart from the ones that you declared in the Inventory page
  • The number of Lines of Code and Function Points that are counted, if you have activated the software architecture.


Details > OVERVIEW > Reports provides you the Excel reports produced by specific extensions that were installed.

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For example, the "Unanalyzed Code" report shows you the percentage of files that are delivered but not processed. If you want to get the details of these files, you can download the report.

You can add new extensions that provides you useful information on the analysis cycle.