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However, before importing a model, ensure this one has been assigned to a valid ID. Otherwise, this will prevent importing that model. You can refer to the product documentation for more details: AIP Console - Architecture.

Note that in v. 1.20, you may find .castrule files are available for selection. These files should not be added as they do not contain Architecture Models (they contain details of Quality Rule models).

Test a model against an application


To open the model editor:

  1. Click the ellipsis button at the right-side of the model line and select the View item.

    2. The model editor opens and displays the layers (in blue) and sets (in green) that define the model, with the associated dependencies (in bold green) and composition links (in doted green).

    3. If you want to see or maybe update the model properties (name, ID, documentation, weight, and so on), then simply click the edit button near the model name:

    4. The dialog that appears box displays these properties:

    5. You can add new Layers, Sets, and Dependencies by using the tool bar.

    6. From left to right, you can add a new Layer object to the model, you can add a new Set object, you can add a new Dependency between 2 Layer objects

 You can remove an existing Dependency from the model.