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Server addressEnter the host name of the server on which the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance is installed. You can also enter an IP address if required.

If this field is left blank, then the CAST Architecture Checker will use the value localhost by default (which assumes the host server is installed on the same physical machine).


Enter the port number on which the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance is listening for incoming connections. Please enter the correct port number - if this is omitted, the port number 2278 will be used, which may not be correct:



Enter the database name used by your CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance.

The parent database name in a CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance environment is set by default to postgres. If this field is omitted, the CAST Architecture Checker will use postgres by default.

Note that it is not possible to connect to a CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance which uses a custom database (i.e. something other than postgres).

User nameEnter the user name that you will use to connect to the CAST Management Service on your host server. Enter the pre-defined CAST Storage Service user operator, or a custom user (note that the "User name" field is case sensitive).
PasswordEnter the password that corresponds to the user entered in the User name field.
Schema (Management Service)Enter the name of the target Management Service schema (<prefix>_mngt).