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The Silverlight extension is deprecated and no new development will be actioned. All new features and functionality for the support of Silverlight are now handled instead by the .NET XAML extension. Please see the section of documentation entitled Existing extensions for WPF and Silverlight for more information about the .NET XAML extension and the impacts of moving to it.


Table of Contents


On this page:

Table of Contents

Target audience:

Users of the extension providing Silverlight support for C# and VB.NET.


Summary: This document provides basic information about the beta release of the extension providing Silverlight support for C# and VB.NET


This extension provides support for Silverlight. The calculation of Automated Function Points for your .NET analyses will be supplemented through the creation of new objects and links specific to the Silverlight framework that will link back to objects/links produced by the base .NET analyzer.

In what situation should you install this extension?

If your .NET application contains Silverlight source code and you want to view these object types and their links, then you should install this extension.


CAST AIP release
8.23.x(tick)C# and VB.NET
8.12.x(tick)C# and VB.NET
8.0.x(tick)C# and VB.NET
7.3.7 and all higher 7.3.x releases(tick)C# only

Supported DBMS servers

This extension is compatible with the following DBMS servers:





Microsoft SQL Server(error)


(tick)An installation of any compatible release of CAST AIP (see table above)

Download and installation instructions

Please see: 




Packaging, delivering and analyzing your source code

Once the extension is installed, no further configuration changes are required before you can package your source code and run an analysis. The process of packaging, delivering and analyzing your source code does not change in any way:


extension will not be automatically downloaded and installed in CAST Console. If you need to use it, should manually install the extension using the Application - Extensions interface:

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What results can you expect?

Once the analysis/snapshot generation has completed, you can view the results in the normal manner. The following objects and links will be displayed in CAST Enlighten: