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ASP.NET LMVC Razor is supported through the HTML5 and JavaScript extension. Please see .NET - ASP.NET MVC Razor support for more information.

ASP classic

See ASP for more information.

.NET Core


The CAST .NET analyzer does not support the resolution of COM objects (such as ADODB) referenced in .NET projects.

Links from .NET Analyzer objects to database objects

The analyzer supports database access for the following frameworks :

Database access frameworks
Dapper Framework
LINQ to Objects, LINQ to DataSets, LINQ to SQL
Entity Framework
NHibernate Framework
Amazon DocumentDB
Azure CosmosDB

Prior to version 1.5.x , custom database access frameworks are not supported. A know workaround consist in disabling the option "accurate client server links". Then client/server links will be created based on a simple grep-based search for all "unused" strings. However, this comes on the expense of potentially also getting more false links.

In version 1.5.0, we introduce blackboxing on the fly which enable the support for data access of most custom frameworks.


  • If a .NET project (either C# or VB.NET) depends on an assembly (or a project) that declares a class with the same name full name (i.e. same name, in the same namespace) as a class in said project, then that class is not saved to the Analysis Service.
  • XML code embedded into VB is not taken into account. The code will be analyzed, but its contents will be ignored.
  • Note that .exe and .netmodules dependencies are not supported.
  • If a DLL file is placed in the "bin" folder of a .NET project, but its exact location is not defined in the .csproj or .vbproj project file, the CAST Delivery Manager Tool may not be able to identify the reference during the package action. To resolve this issue, you may need to create an additional package using the Automated extraction or required .NET assemblies option specifically to package the DLLs in the "bin folder.
  • Please avoid accidentally duplicating source code as it might considerably increase analysis time during the "linker" phase. When CAST schemas are hosted on an Oracle Server, the analysis might not complete at all. Source code can easily get duplicated by accident when upgrading Visual Studio. Indeed, Visual Studio automatically creates a backup folder inside the project folder. This backup folder contains a copy of the project file (.csproj, .vbproj) which will lead to duplicate analysis of the source code if this folder is delivered via the CAST Delivery Manager Tool - you should therefore ensure that the backup folder is excluded from delivery.