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The Excluded Items node allows you to exclude certain objects (based on naming, inheritance, type and free definition) from the other nodes (Data Entities, End points, Entry points nodes). For example, it is often necessary to exclude temporary tables from the Data Entities node - using this node you can do so. This eliminates the need to constantly delete results returned by the CAST Transaction Configuration Center that always match the same pattern.


Using Excluded Items in specific situations

Data functions/transaction contributing to values in the AFP section

Data functions / transaction functions will still contribute to values in the AFP section, even though this should not be the case when in the following situations:

  • The setup configuration rule producing matching the(se) object(s) is no longer present
  • The setup configuration rule has changed and no longer generates matches the objects

This is because these Data functions / Transactions have already been calibrated (i.e. merged / deleted / ignored) . The and a Compute action will not remove these items to from the values in the AFP section to prevent losing the specific calibration operation. If you specifically that has been applied. Therefore, if you need to prevent these objects contributing to values in the AFP sectiosection, you can:

  • Create an excluded-item rule to exclude these items
  • Run the Compute action
  • Disable or Remove remove the excluded-item rule you created