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Take the following example rule file and the filters defined in it (adjust the reference to URL in the XSD tag<dynamicLinksRules> to your own environmentDlmRulesModel.xsd file):

Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<dynamicLinksRules xmlns="<URL to DlmRulesModel.xsdxsd>" >
	<rule name="Rule1" action="validate" >
			<application name="app1"/>
			<application name="app2">
				<analysisUnit name="au21"/>
			<application name="app2">
				<technology name="J2EE"/>
		<calleeName regexp="a2"/>
		<calleeType names="A_Metamodel_Type"/>
		<callerFullName regexp="a4"/>
	<rule name="Rule2" action="ignore">
		<calleeFullName regexp="a4"/>