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Maven based source code

When adding a new version to analyze an Application that includes Maven based source code, you have several choices with regard to specifying where the required Maven repositories are located. The location of the repository is crucial to ensure that any associated JAR files can be automatically discovered and that POM dependencies can also be located. You can do as follows:


AIP Console will also use the above order to prioritise the various repositories. In other words, if you include a repository in the ZIP or in the designated source code folder this will be used instead of any local or remote repositories that have been defined.

See Configuring source code delivery for Maven for more information.

No .pom or .project file

When adding a new version to analyze an Application that includes JEE based source code and this source code does not contain .pom or .project file, AIP Console is currently unable to "discover" this code as JEE (AIP Console relies on the presence of the .pom / .project files). In this situation, the source code delivery will end in failure. In order to resolve this issue, you can manually configure AIP Console to install an extension called JEE File Discoverer whenever a .java file is encountered in your delivered source code. This extension will ensure that the required Analysis Units are created for your source code and that an analysis can proceed without issue.

See Configuring source code delivery for JEE without .pom file or .project file for more information.

Using legacy CAST Delivery Manager Tool