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What is discovered?

The Eclipse Project Discoverer is not currently provided as an extension: instead it is embedded in CAST AIP and is therefore present "out of the box".


Configures a project for each Eclipse Java project (.project with Java nature) identified:

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  • Application root path:
    • using WEB-INF/web.xml grand parent folder if it exists
  • Source folders configured in .classpath
  • Class path configured in .classpath
  • Java language & environment (1.1 to 8.0) according to .classpath and project settings
  • XML files found in project folder (excluding files in Eclipse .settings folders and output class folders)
  • PROPERTIES files found in project folder (excluding files in output class folders)
  • Libraries according to jar names in the project classpath: JUnit, Log4J, Commons logging, DOM4J, JSF, MX4J, Hibernate, Struts, Spring

Packaging messages

The following messages emitted by the discoverer may appear during the packaging action:


Note about Missing source folder alerts

When packaging Eclipse based Java code in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, you may receive Missing source folder alerts even though the source folder that is recorded as being missing is actually present in the source code. This alert is usually generated when no .project file has been found in the folder that is recorded as being missing. To resolve this alert, you can manually add the missing .project file and then re-run the packaging action.

See also How do I fine-tune my Version for more information.

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