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Please see Technology coverage changes in CAST AIP 8.3.x for more detailed discussion of this subject.

Installation and deployment

CAST Server Manager - CLI

Two new commands have been added - see Automating CAST Server Manager installation tasks for more details. 

Note that -INSTALL_CONFIG_FILE and -UPGRADE are deprecated and you should use the above commands instead.


This option is equivalent to the Schema Installation option in the GUI for "combined" and will:

  • create a combined installation from scratch (Management, Analysis and Dashboard Service schemas)
  • provide a means to specify any additional extensions that need to be installed to the new combined installation (over and above the extensions that are always installed with CAST AIP)
  • configure the Delivery folder path for the combined installation (not currently used)


This option is a multi-functional command that is aimed at two scenarios:

  • Upgrade an existing combined installation (Management, Analysis and Dashboard Service schemas) to a new release of CAST AIP - equivalent to the Upgrade Installation option in GUI.
  • Install new extensionsupgrade existing extensions or deactivate existing extensions to an existing combined installation (Management, Analysis and Dashboard Service schemas) - equivalent to the Manage Extensions option in the GUI.
  • A combination of the above can also be run.

CAST Transaction Configuration Center