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The SAP BusinessObjects Analyzer extension has one dependent extension which provides the "discovery" element. This dependent extension is automatically downloaded when you use AIP CAST Console or the CAST Extension Downloader:


  • One *.unv file fed into the standalone CAST SAP BusinessObjects Extractor results in the output of one *.bxml file.
  • One *.bxml file fed into AIP Console or the CAST Delivery Manager Tool results in one project detected during source code delivery.
  • One project detected during source code delivery results in one Analysis Unit in the AIP Console or in the CAST Management Studio.

Using CAST



  • Supported in AIP Console v. ≥ 1.11
  • See See Application onboarding for more information about delivery your source code and performing an analysis/snapshot.


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Configuring the analysis in


CAST Console

AIP Console exposes the Technology configuration options once a version has been accepted/imported, or an analysis has been run. Click Business Objects Technology to display the available options:


DependenciesDependencies are configured at Application level for each technology and are configured between individual Analysis Units/groups of Analysis Units (dependencies between technologies are not available as is the case in the CAST Management Studio). You can find out more detailed information about how to ensure dependencies are set up correctly, in Advanced onboarding - review analysis configuration and execution for AIP Validate dependency configuration for CAST Console.
Analysis Units

For SAP BusinessObjects, there are no Analysis Unit level settings available. You can however:

Analyze a specific Analysis Unit (and all Analysis Units within the Execution Unit), specifically for testing purposes.

Disable or enable the analysis of a specific Analysis Unit, when the next Application level analysis/snapshot is run. By default all Analysis Units are always set to enableWhen an Analysis Unit is set to disable, this is usually a temporary action to prevent an Analysis Unit from being analyzed.