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Summary: This page provides instructions for using the Security Dashboard, i.e. how to login, what information is available etc.


Select an object in the list of violations to view its source code. In order to focus investigation, source code displayed presents either:


  • the object in violation
  • or the violation details when available (e.g. bookmarks, paths).
  • Whenever a piece of code is made available, the View File button (seen in the example below) provides the ability to open the entire source code file to get the entire context. The file is opened in a separate browser window. The entire source code is presented plus some context (application name, snapshot reference, file name).

    The Rule name is also highlighted using colour (yellow for a standard Rule (as shown below), and red for critical):


    If a "copy/pasted" Rule has been selected (for example Avoid Too Many Copy/Pasted Artifacts), a list of objects that have a high level of similarity with the selected objects will be listed: